Everything You Need To Know About RC Drones Under 200

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Best Drones Under 200 And Where To Get Them

Do you want to know where to find the best drones or Quadcopters to buy for under $200? You don’t need to spend a fortune on these are amazing remote-controlled flying machines. Budget models are more than capable of performing sensational manoeuvre and aerobatics that are restricted to only your imagination. The unique features of RC drones make flying them not so much of a skill-based activity but a fun-based hobby that anyone can master and delight in. For the photographer, we can create breathtaking video or still photos using drones to gain access to places that would normally be inaccessible, to get close up and personal to nature and create the spectacular footage that drones with cameras can provide.

Mini Drone

What Type Of Drone Suits Your Needs

Finding the Best Drone for your needs comes down to the intended use of the machine.
There are mainly two kinds of people who are into drone flying – hobbyists that are either new to Drones or have previously been flying RC aircraft and who would love to explore the technical aspect of it all, and the typical person who just want to fly things around, remotely. The latest trend right now is Drones with a camera. This makes RC flying more fun because it allows you to fly the quadrotor like you are actually inside it, just like a real pilot.
One of the first questions anybody would ask is how much do these machines cost? Thanks to technology and the constant development of Drones these RC flying machines can be bought for as low as $100. If you have the money to spare you can also buy quadcopters with a thousand-dollar price tag. Either way, you get to fly a quadcopter on your own.

Buying the Best For Your Budget

There are considerations before you can buy the best quadcopter for yourself. It is best you set a budget first and then move on to the features you want it to have. A working budget allows you to control your spending as you are just starting out in the business of flying quadrotors. Obviously, if you are a first time RC flyer you need to have a feel for these Drones first so buying small and cheap is an ideal first step.
If you want to buy the best quadcopter with a camera, for example, you might need to spend much more than buying into an entry-level quadcopter. A camera-equipped RC multi-rotor can be more expensive than the palm-sized machines you can buy for about a hundred bucks. At least have a budget of around $200 – $300. The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 for example would set you back for $290 and you will be able to get a decent RC quadcopter, 2 cameras (front view and look-down view), and an easy to use control platform that can be downloaded like an app. If that is too cool to be true, you can go ahead and check it for yourself.

Tips For Buying The Best Drones With Camera

So how do you define “best” in buying a quadcopter with a camera?
It must fit right into your budget – there are a lot of Drones in the market today that are equipped with cameras. In fact, without some filters in your buying decision, you will surely get confused about which one is the best for you. Set a budget before you shop.
It must have a decent refresh rate in its cameras – what use is an on-board camera if the image quality streaming from the quadcopter to your control device is of low quality you cannot even make up the pictures on your screen? Always ask for the refresh rates of the camera that is attached to the quadcopter. Some have 15 per second refresh rates, some have 60. The higher the refresh rate, the better the real-time experience you will have in your flying.

It must be easy to fly– this is the good news about Drones, they are very easy to fly. The reason for this is because of its highly sophisticated onboard computers that control its propellers automatically for a seamless flight. It is a fine-tuned flying craft that you do not have to manually fly it (which can be very hard to do). What you get is a very stable, pleasurable flying experience where all you need to do is drive the thing around and not worry crashing it.

About Flight Times

It must have a decent flight time – what good is a pleasant flying experience when it is all over in just a couple of minutes? You must however look at this part realistically. Even a gas engine equipped RC helicopter can only last 10-15 minutes in the air. So if you imagine yourself flying a quadcopter for hours at a time without landing for battery change then you are very wrong with your expectations. RC quadricopters can go up in the air for 10 – 12 minutes at a time for the smaller models, longer for the bigger, more powerful ones.
This flight time limitation is due to the massive power needs of a quadricopter when flying. It needs battery power to drive the propellers, to power the sophisticated on-board computer, and to power the camera too! All these can easily drain a 1500 Mah batteryHHodd. You have to remember that this is a proportionate concept – the heavier the battery, the more the propellers will consume power to carry that weight. Simply put there are limitations to the power to weight ratio of these flying machines.

The Drone First-Person View (FPV) Experience

A Drone with a camera is actually a genius idea. For one the quadcopter is a very stable camera platform. You will never have a camera view that gets blurred out due to the vibrations and swinging of the quadcopter in the air.
Another good reason why buying into a quadcopter with cam today is a good idea is because the technology that supports this function is alive and well and is thinking of newer ways to make the experience better. This means low cost of Drones with camera but with top of the line applied technology.
To give you an example, camera miniaturization development today is very aggressive. Even HD cameras are getting smaller so the concept of having an HD image for your FPV flight experience can be had today. Of course, you will need to pay more, but the technology exists.
The quadcopter FPV experience is very doable these days because video streaming today is pretty fast. Then of course you also have the means via Wi-Fi to receive images from the quadcopter to your screen. In the case of a Parrot AR Drone 2.0, the screen can be your own iPhone or iPad, or even an Android device. You just download the app for free and you can stream the video from the quadcopter to your tablet or phone. It is easy and the best part about it is that the technology is free to use.

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