Best Quadcopter For Beginners: Some Pointers For Neophyte RC Flyers

The best quadcopter for beginners must ideally be affordable, small (thus easier to maneuver), and have a straightforward remote control. The idea of a beginner level quadcopter is to learn the ropes of flying one and have the muscle memory to act fast and have complete control of the machine at all times. The goal of flight practice is to reach a level where you do not need to think about how to manipulate the controls for the quadcopter to do something. Simply put the machine and you must be one. This might sound easy but really, it is easier said than done.

The beginner’s list

If you are thinking about jumping into the RC world then you need to start with smaller, simpler, easier to fly machines. Listed here are some of the top-rated low cost (but high quality) quadcopters. These can also be under the category of best quadcopter under 200 bucks. You must remember though that this is just the start of your RC adventure. You can always upgrade later on if you are having tons of fun flying these things.

  1. The beginner’s listThe Hubsan X4 is ideal because it is relatively easy to fly and the learning curve for mastering its controls is not that steep. This small craft can be had for $50. Not bad at all. If you crash it you will not cry over it.
  2. The Syma X5 is a bit larger than the Hubsan X4 and it flies better than its predecessors, perfect for learning the ropes of RC quadcopters. This will set you back around $40, still a good price for a starter quad chopper.
  3. Blade Nano QX is a step higher than the Hubsan and Syma and costs more too around $90. But what it gives you is a more rigid frame and yes, better flying stability, just what you need for flying lessons.
  4. The LaTrax Axis is another very durable quadcopter and should withstand the expected crashes in the hands of a beginner. But what is great about it is that it is considered already a high-end model, therefore it outperforms the others included so far in this list. The Axis would set you back for $150 but it will be worth it.
  5. The UDI U818A is a mid-sized quadcopter that already carries a camera. This is a great way to start on these types of quadcopters as it orients you to use images from the onboard camera as your means of flight. Warning: this will take time to get used to so cut yourself some slack. This can be the best fpv drone for beginners too, so it is worth your money all the way.

Beginners’ pointers

If you are just starting out in flying RC quadcopters then you are in the right place of getting the information you need and want to make this pursuit as painless as possible. Here are some FAQs many beginners ask:

  • Should I repair it when I break it? This actually depends on your skills to tinker with electronic stuff. But be warned that for the starter quadrocopters, the parts can be so small that fixing it can be a frustrating exercise. So if you have basic knowledge of fixing things you may try to repair it first. IF you cannot get it all back together, you can easily sell the parts online.
  • What are the basic piloting techniques for quadcopters? The first thing you need to remember is that when you are just starting out always position yourself behind the quadcopter. This will allow your brain to get used to the directional controls of your remote control. If you are behind it that means it goes where you want it to go, not the opposite which happens when you are in front of the drone.
  • Is the Parrot AR control platform okay? Sure, this is okay as long as you start with it (flying thru a tab or smartphone app) and master it. Shifting from manual remote controls to tablet-based controllers can get really confusing because of the difference of the touch and even sensitivity of controls. So if you buy into Parrot, master it first before moving to other quadcopters and their dedicated controllers.
  • Does size really matter? Not at all! Size is never an issue. Beginner or not you may stick with the smaller quadcopters if that fits your preference. In fact, one of the disadvantages of bigger quadcopters is that they cost more to maintain and if you want to upgrade them it will also cost more money. Even the quadcopter price is a poor deciding factor for a drone purchase.

Learning from other beginners

Learning from other beginnersThe high demand for quadcopters also means there are many beginners finding their way into the world of RC flying. This is a comforting fact because it means there are many sources of information about the right gear and flying techniques and whatnot.

For example, personal drone reviews can do a lot more than just reading a marketing piece about a certain quadcopter. Personal reviews are real experiences that you can also learn from. Aside from that these reviews are very objective thus allowing you to see the quadcopter as it is.

One of the most highly rated quadcopters out in the market today is the Parrot AR Drone 2.0. The key strengths of this quadcopter are its easy flight control and its overall flying performance. One review says:

“There are lots of adjustable preferences available in the control app. I can easily set rate of ascent, even tilt which means I can gain a lot more confidence flying around without fearing of flying too high or landing too steeply. I can also choose to be aggressive too in my flying if my skills permit. This is perfect for beginner flyers like me”

This review is a very good example of how other beginners can give you a heads up at your level and with issues you are also struggling with. Happy flying!